Field of Dreams

Last Saturday morning, an attendee compared our gathering to a field of dreams.  When it was overheard by one of our esteemed regulars, he said that I better mention it in this week’s newsletter.  Consider it done.


The mention focused on the wild variety of automobiles that were present during our morning gathering.  That’s what is so special about our gatherings and our community.  There is love for every subset of the automotive world. 


The love may be so obvious that you can see ‘daily vlogs’ that detail every special experience with the brand or model all over YouTube.  [For the uninitiated, a ‘vlog’ is a video blog.  A ‘blog’, according to Google is ‘a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group that is written in an informal or conversational style.’]  The love may be so obvious to you but the love may also be obvious to relatively few.  Consider the love for the Ford Mustang versus the Ford Falcon.  One has enthusiast clubs throughout the world and millions of enthusiasts that love the model.  The other has enthusiasts that are very lucky to see one another over a month on the highway…unless, of course, there’s one in the same neighborhood or there’s a community gathering where there may be a chance meeting.  Whatever the scale, both are loved.  Feel the love. J


The point here is that we gather no matter the grandness of enthusiasm for what we love.  We gather as one.  We’re all part of the same family.  We’re all part of the same community.  It’s the Torino and the Gran Turismo.  It’s the E9 and the E92.  It’s the Model A, the Abarth, the AMX, the American La France, the Alpina and the Austin Healey.


The same goes for the generations.  Families span the generations and we’re no different.  There are enthusiasts born in the early portion of the present century as well as enthusiasts born in the early portion of the previous century.  The beautiful value of a great span of humanity are the experiences…the roads traveled…the stories to be shared. 


The power of ‘we’ makes for one special journey.  That power is part of the equation behind Hunt Valley Horsepower.  We all have unique paths that brought us here.  Those paths may be decades longer than the other.  Those paths may have been worn by tires attached to automobiles from different decades, continents and reasons for ownership.


All of our similarities and differences are brought together.  Every Saturday morning is our reunion.  It may be every week or maybe it has been a while.  You’re part of the family.  Welcome back.

Richard Williams