Summer Is Not Over!

Some see the Labor Day Weekend as the end of summer.  Every year, meteorologists say that it’s August 31.  Astronomers always deliver a later date.  This year, they say it’s September 22.  [Most calendars side with the astronomers.]  Since I was a meteorology major for a few days, but a calendar viewer for a lifetime, I also side with the astronomers.  I’m also 50% Polish so I’m a fan of Copernicus, the Polish astronomer that gave us the ideas that the sun was the center of the universe and that the earth’s rotation around the sun gave us some explanation behind the seasons.  That was all the way back in the early 16th century…without the help of the internet. J  Take my advice.  Summer is not over!  We have 2 more weeks of ‘official’ summer bliss.


It’s nearly a broken record to say that this summer has been perfect for Saturday morning cruising to Hunt Valley.  Well, even though summer may now be over (depending on the source), this Saturday morning’s forecast will be warm and dry.  Even with a deck of clouds that may be blocking the sun, this is a case where – as they say - 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.   After so many sunny Saturdays, our stock of SPF 50 may now get a break so…maybe it’s 3 out of 3 after all.  [A bit of optimism helps everyone through the transition of seasons.  We don’t need perfection.]


As the end of ‘my version’ of summer nears, we should pay homage to Carl G. Fisher.  “Who is Carl G. Fisher?” you may ask.  Carl G. Fisher was the president of Prest-o-lite.  Over a century ago, his company supplied most of the headlights for early automobiles in the U.S.  That’s rather cool.  He co-founded the Indianapolis Speedway back in 1912.  That’s even cooler.  However, neither fact fits the bill for homage in this week’s newsletter.  According to, this Saturday (September 12) – also way back in 1912 - Carl G. Fisher announced plans for the Lincoln Highway.  It would become America’s first coast-to-coast highway.  In 1913, construction started and by 1938, records show that all but 42 miles were paved and were soon to be completed.  [Thanks to for that tidbit.]  Now that’s the coolest contribution by Mr. Fisher. 


The kids may be back in school.  You may be back in school.  The days are getting shorter.  Winds of change will soon be in the air.  Go back to the deepest of last year’s winter.  Remember those “I can’t wait for summer” feelings.  According to astronomers, summer is still here.  Thanks to people like Carl G. Fisher, there are roads for us to enjoy.  Enjoy summer while it lasts…even if you think it’s over. J  Oh yes, thanks to Copernicus for giving us a reason as to why seasons make sense.  He could have thrown in some dates.