Thank You!

After arriving home from the Horsepower at Elk Manor on Sunday, I could have certainly benefited from sleep after a busy weekend but it’s fair to say that I was still riding high in the clouds.  Below is the ‘stream of semi-consciousness’ Facebook post I made after I sat down with the computer.  There may have been a point where I was consuming Gatorade with one hand and typing with the other so please excuse any typos. The instant passion outweighs a typo. :) Here it is…

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for participating in Horsepower at Elk Manor!  The work behind the scenes from so many directions - and a home run by Mother Nature - set a beautiful afternoon in motion.  Your participation, your beautiful energy and your obvious automotive enthusiasm helped form and set memories that will be cherished forever!  Thank you for traveling from near and far to be a part of it all!

I'm typing this message - even after being stuck in I-95 South traffic and feeling like I went 10 rounds with Ali - with the biggest smile.  We have a beautiful community of enthusiasts that have proven they can take to the road en masse with class and style.  Thank you!

Thank you to our gracious hosts at the Winery at Elk Manor.  Simon and Gretchen, thank you for the opening the winery gates for our enthusiast community.  Thank you to both of you as well as Shanti – and surely others - for all of your hard work in preparing multiple facets behind the scenes.  Thank you to Captain Lee from Bravo's hit series "Below Deck" for hanging out with us and for being an absolutely cool dude.  Thank you to everyone from Rogue Fine Catering for providing fine food and drink.  Thank you to the wine service team from Chateau Bu-De. While I held to only water during the gathering, I heard quality words.  Thank you to the Justin Ryan Band for providing excellent music throughout the morning and thank you for being a crew of very cool dudes.  Thank you to the parking directors and charity coordinators that worked so hard all afternoon to ensure that a massive influx of vehicles could be accommodated in the best way possible and funds could be generated for the Chesapeake Bay.

Thank you to the sponsors of Hunt Valley Horsepower.  Your commitment to the region’s enthusiast community is felt deep in my heart.  There were times when there were just ideas and energy.  Your commitment has helped moved forward the community that we all love today.  Thank you to the boat and helicopter operators!  Thank you to the helicopter pilot for being the utmost pro by providing an overwhelming experience in the air...and proving that it can all be done while keeping my stomach all so comfortable.  Thank you to all of the photographers and videographers that help us fill the gaps in what we had missed and for producing beautiful angles on what we can now remember for years to come.

If I forgot anyone, please excuse me for I was having so much fun today that I didn't set aside time for calories...even though I have no excuse after more than a few nutrition classes during my days as a student.  Also, manning the entrance may have caused me to miss something or someone well-deserving of thank you’s…so thank you!  Finally, if I made any spelling or grammar errors, I apologize to all of my English teachers...and my blood sugar level.  

To you, thank you!  Have an excellent week.  See you down the road.  [All but the day placement in the final paragraph remains accurate.  Have an excellent weekend!]