Double Dip

Last week, I made a “Seinfeld” reference in “The Starting Line”’ and this week, it’s time for another.  Yes, it’s clear that I was a regular viewer.  If you don’t know about “Seinfeld” or are not a fan, please ingratiate me for a moment.  There was an episode where George approached a buffet table and grabbed a chip.  He scooped some dip onto the chip and then ate half of the chip.  There was enough of a chip remaining that George saw an opportunity.  He immediately dove the chip back into the dip for a controversial second course.  The brows of germaphobes across the country rose simultaneously back in 1993 when the episode aired.  To be honest, germs aside, the double dip – when it comes to food - is bad form.  If you have double dipped at the buffet table, feel ashamed but may you have solace.  This weekend, you can double dip and not face public scrunity.  In fact, this double dip is in very good taste and is highly recommended.


It’s a big weekend for Hunt Valley Horsepower and according to reports, Mother Nature is cooperating.  We’ll be going from the paved surfaces of Hunt Valley Towne Centre on Saturday morning to the Winery at Elk Manor on the waterfront on Sunday afternoon.  Weather reports are looking fantastic. 


Horsepower at Elk Manor provides our community with an opportunity to do one of things we do best, take to the road.  The destination is concours-worthy.  The rolling rows of vines, the waterfront, the historic manor…yes, it looks as good as it sounds.  I visited on Tuesday to confirm the parking layout and we’ll have room for everyone.  Admission is free for show vehicles as well as spectators.  Registration via Motorsportreg or Facebook is suggested for all.  Invite your car club.  Bring the family!  [Learn more about the event and registration by checking Special Gatherings.]


Take to the road this weekend for a change of scenery.  It’s an opportunity to gather with members of our enthusiast community as well as the community from an expanded geography.  Cruise with old friends and make new friends.  Join us in Hunt Valley and at the Winery at Elk Manor.  This weekend, go for the double dip!


Inspiration for the opener: “Seinfeld” and the double dip -


This week's blog and newsletter are in memory of our Batman and one inspirational person, Lenny B. Robinson.