Earth Day, Adopt-A-Road & John Davis

To celebrate Earth Day – which was on Wednesday of this week – our community will take to the road in a different fashion after this Saturday morning’s gathering. 


Our volunteer team helps maintain the appearance of one of the county’s most beautiful roads while decreasing the amount of debris that washes into the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.  We’re in our third year of taking care of Thornton Mill Road, which is a 3.6-mile country stretch that is immediately north of Hunt Valley Towne Centre. 

 You are welcome to join our Adopt-A-Road team on Saturday morning by logging your interest on the sign-in sheet at the event table.  Thank you for your consideration and participation!  Also, thank you to our community’s sponsors for providing the snack bars and fluids that help us fill our tanks during and after the clean-up session!


For more info, including a clean-up session video, you are encouraged to visit:

 As a closing note, happy belated birthday to John Davis of MotorWeek, one of my earliest inspirations in the automotive enthusiast community.  [John’s birthday was also on Wednesday of this week.]  I can remember telling my parents - while watching MotorWeek as a little guy - that one day, I hope to drive on those roads near Owings Mills, Maryland.  Now that I live here and have had the pleasure of meeting and working with John and the MotorWeek team, it’s a dream realized.  May John and MotorWeek continue to inspire automotive enthusiasts for many years to come!

 We hope to see you this Saturday morning at Hunt Valley Horsepower!