Tests, Questions and Answers

The 3rd Anniversary for Hunt Valley Horsepower is in the books.  Consider a page turned.  Tax day is also in the books.  As a business owner entering a third year, that page came with the expected toll.  Consider a page tendered. 


As a respectful member of our community, thank you for taking this journey.   Along the journey, I have been asked why I have chosen this path.  [The transition from working in corporate healthcare to building an automotive community is natural, right?]  It has been a path full of the genuinely surprising, the surprisingly genuine, the selfless, the sharing, the unapologetically caring, the team builders, the developing leaders, the open minded and the special personalities that ‘binded’. 


The tax man wasn’t gentle in reminding me earlier this week that it’s not about the traditional paycheck.  My core payment comes from the treasury of hearts and minds.  [The maple sugar season generally comes to an end this month so please excuse my need to hold onto some sappiness.]  It’s the smiles, the handshakes and the fist bumps. 


 On the topic of finances, another popular question is, “Who pays for all of this?”  The hand-picked team of sponsors covers all expenses.  They are wholly responsible for the movement of every red cent.  For example, at the 3rd Anniversary, the 23 metal frames and various coroplast inserts that communicated parking directions – with all of their sturdiness and utilitarian style – drew a bill of over $1600.  There are many other expenses such as permits, security and grounds crew.  Our esteemed sponsors are there.  They also honor the standards that help form the foundation of our community.  They help build the community and they strengthen it.  Sponsors, thank you for your support!


 Extending on that red cent, there’s the other side of the coin when it comes to humanity.  It’s a side that is wholly disappointing.  From witnessing moments of indiscretion behind the wheel to encounters with what I consider rule-ignoring business cyborgs that continually lack integrity and respect, there have been tests.  Some have shrugged off the community’s guidelines.  Some drive by speed signs and security at high rates of speed.  Some repeatedly roll out the red carpet to their business with overt sales presentations and a rapid-fire distribution of business cards.  Some have lodged threats behind the scenes and even during our gatherings.  Some have launched verbosities in the presence of young children when notified of their indiscretions.  These actions obviously do not promote a positive atmosphere.  Standards are standards.  Respect is respect.  While the ‘less common’ see a captive audience or an open stretch of road as an opportunity to disregard the rules for selfish reasons, the grand majority stand against these actions and clearly witness the treasons.  As a relatively new business owner, on Saturday mornings, I have seen the examples in the business world to emulate and the examples that may temporarily consternate.


 I will continue to stand proud alongside and foster all that is good.  Out of profound respect for all that is good, I will dutifully address the bad.  These topics went straight from my office desk to the word processor and thank you for reading.  Thank you for being a beautiful and proper example of our community.  See you down the road!

Richard Williams