Edition #150, Edition #1, NAPA Auto Parts

Edition #150.  That’s a ton of typing.  Thanks to modern internet technology, no trees were harmed in the process. [Running on the environmental cue, be sure to check this week’s newsletter for more Earth friendliness.]


Looking back to Edition #1, it was delivered on April 2, 2012 to a relatively small e-mail list that was compiled during March 31’s inaugural gathering.  Was it really a newsletter?  Not really.  It was a comprehensive 5-paragraph e-mail message.  It was about the 200 automobiles that traveled from all over Maryland, south-central Pennsylvania and northern Virginia.  It was about getting pumped up for the future…that wouldn’t start again until there was a week off.  What?  A week off?  Yes, they actually happened once in while in the opening months. 


Typically, a big holiday – back in 2012 - would have been cause for a ‘vacation day’.  Yes, Easter weekend was coming up…but the first day off included a one-of-a-kind situation.  Our gathering area was literally being cut in half – diagonally – to supply utilities to the yet-to-be-constructed Eileen Fisher clothing store.  After spreading the word for about 2 months – generally on the weekends away from my 9-to-5 job – it was a bit tough to push the pause button on the momentum machine.  During our time at Hunt Valley Towne Centre, the property has been lively and progressive.  There have been many upgrades as well as other community events that have occurred during our gatherings and behind the scenes, we have navigated all of them.  [Don’t fret.  Now, we gather on holidays and even during construction.]


Fast forward to today.  We’re at the welcome mat to May.  May yesterday’s showers in Maryland bring May flowers.  Mother Nature - version 2014 – was kind to us in Hunt Valley but we had a rougher road through the first 4 months of 2015.  There was record-breaking cold and all-too-much snow.  We’re due for a good run of weather.  Nonethematter, the wheels keep turning!  After last Saturday’s chill, this Saturday will be much more hospitable.  For even more hospitality, check out ‘The Latest By The Page’ within this week’s newsletter.


In a closing note, thank you to NAPA Auto Parts - and in particular, the team at the Hunt Valley location at 10950 Gilroy Road - for renewing this week as Keystone Sponsor for a 3rd straight year!  Thank you to each sponsor as we power into the peak of our 4th year!


If you’re a football fan, may your team hit the mark during the NFL Draft over the weekend.  Let’s kick off the weekend in strong fashion.  See you all down the road!