The Event Calendar Doesn't Need Defrosting

Bring your mind back to last Saturday morning.  It’s the final Saturday of February.  It’s been a cold run this winter and the morning is no exception.  On the photo bar to the right, check out the temperature readings from my morning drive.  There’s the pre-drive ice scraping.  There’s salt all over the roads.  Potholes are multiplying.  The drivers out there?  I’d need a full page. 



Now that March is here, we’re technically at the beginning of meteorological spring.  Venture outside to break your cabin fever and you’ll learn that it’s strong-arming spring fever.  This week, we have seen ice on Monday, a mix of ice and rain on Tuesday, rain on Wednesday and a snowstorm named Thor that resides outside your window [in the Mid-Atlantic of the U.S] right now.


What is the automotive enthusiast to do?  Use the time wisely.  Its garage time.  Take care of the mechanicals that will set you in a better place for the arrival of spring weather.  It’s also time to set your calendar.  Event season is getting closer with the passing of each frozen week.  Not only is our 3rd Anniversary less than a month away, but our sponsors are also active with gatherings at their locations.  For more information, you’re encouraged to review pages 8 to 11.


Regardless of the atmospheric and road conditions, there’s typically a group of hearty and resilient enthusiasts that forge ahead.  Viewing those temperatures on the dash would hold most to checking the indoor activities off the ‘Honey Do’ list.   However, about 3 dozen enthusiasts appeared.  Some arrived before 8 AM with a mission to pick-up some coffee for their wife who was staying warm in the SUV.  Others spent more time in Hunt Valley prior to their travels to a dyno event.  Some were long-time participants.  Some were first-timers.  All were winter warriors.


Winter weather doesn’t allow the community to live up to the ‘all marques, all generations’ credo.  Nonethematter, the wheels keep turning.  Whether you hop back on board this week or wait for spring, we’ll be there.  

Richard Williams