Can We Hit 2000?

If you are not yet aware of Hunt Valley Horsepower’s 3rd Anniversary on Saturday, April 4, you have either been on a remote island with no internet connectivity or your internet connection doesn’t work when outdoor temperatures are below 50° Fahrenheit.  Thankfully, today’s high temperature should be above 50° throughout much of the region :-).


To date, over a dozen car clubs have reserved parking for the 3rd Anniversary and more clubs will be confirming their participation over the coming days.  As you can see on the parking map (page 10), official plans have been set to accommodate even more automobiles than we saw for the 2nd Anniversary.  Hunt Valley Horsepower is ready.  Hunt Valley Towne Centre is ready.


Beyond what is displayed on the map, there will be members of the Baltimore County Police, an expanded security team from Assured Protection as well as a large group of volunteers from our community on hand to add safety, peace of mind and quality to your overall experience as well as efficiency to the parking process for you and maybe even your club.  The goal of all of the ‘organizational stuff’ is to further ensure that you can simply set your focus on having a great time among your fellow automotive enthusiasts. 


There’s one more…very…important noteWe gather every Saturday morning.  Occasionally, on very special Saturday mornings, we elevate our community for a worthy cause.  On Saturday, April 4, we gather to celebrate our community’s 3rd Anniversary.  We also gather to benefit the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.  As always, there is no admission fee to gather.  Right now, please consider donating to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.  It takes only a few minutes.  The donations from our community will support the families of military personnel lost in service to our nation as well as severely wounded military personnel and veterans. 


Considering the size and quality of the Hunt Valley Horsepower community, the goal of raising $2000 is attainable.  Donate 1 dollar.  Donate 10 dollars.  Donate any amount.  All donations are mightily appreciated.  We can do this!  Thank you. 


To donate today:

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