A Cure For Common Cold(ness)

Yes, we’re all now well-aware of the power of Ole Man Winter.  It’s the snow, the ice and the bitter air.  It’s the commute that turns into a tight, hair-raising ballet of sheet metal.  It’s the cancelled school days that wreak havoc on your somewhat-orderly schedule.   Did I mention those wild heating bills?  Even this Saturday morning will start in the single digits on the thermometer.

What warms up the soul of the automotive enthusiast?  New models.  Yes, this is the Victoria’s Secret edition of the Hunt Valley Horsepower blog.  Just kidding.  The Geneva International Motor Show arrives next week.  This is where the magic happens.  Geneva opens a new chapter for the latest and greatest…and it provides an early view of what we’ll see in Hunt Valley when our portion of the world defrosts.  

 What is catching my eye in Geneva?

Photos [clockwise from top-left; sources in parentheses]:  Porsche Cayman GT4 (edmunds.com); Ferrari 488 GTB (Ferrari); Ford Focus RS (edmunds.com); McLaren P1 GTR (kbb.com); BMW 1 Series LCI (BMW); Audi Prologue Avant (topgear.com)

Richard Williams