Two Thermometers Are Rising

Today is the beginning of spring.  The emergence from automotive hibernation is here.  Oh wait, it’s snowing in many parts of our region right now.  Yes, seriously.  Thankfully, Saturday - the first full day of spring - will start the drying process.  Earlier in the week, it was reported that this winter was the warmest in recorded history when it comes to world averages.  Well, we surely bucked the trend in our region.  It was the second-coldest February in Baltimore history.  Yes, Mr. Almanac, we know.  You may not have been there for the coldest February in 1934, but it nearly felt like it.  :-)


To the left, check out the super high-resolution average temperature chart, courtesy of  Mother Nature will inevitably force temperatures to rise.  Readings below 32°F for our morning gatherings will begin to fall off the newsletter by some time in April.  [The average low for April in Hunt Valley is 34.]  Trust me.  It has to happen.


There’s one place where you don’t have to wait for Mother Nature to raise the mercury.  You can do it right now…and for an honorable cause.  Please check out the donation thermometer to the right.  With 2 weeks remaining in our Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund donation period, there is some ground to cover.  To date, 7 community members have donated, including community sponsor, The Shine Shop.  Thank you to all that have donated!  Right now, add yourself to the list.  It only takes a few minutes.  The Hunt Valley Horsepower community can make a difference for the families of military personnel lost in service to our nation, and for severely wounded military personnel and veterans.  Every dollar counts!


Now, batten down the hatches and ride out the last hurrah of winter.  OK, we’re expecting only 1-3 inches but oh my, it has been a rough winter.  The future is warmer and bright.  Mother Nature is doing her part.  Please consider doing your part to raise the thermometer.  Thank you to Mrs. Nature.  Thank you…to you.