One Week To Go!

If you were a part of the Hunt Valley Horsepower community at this time last year, bring your mind back to the 2nd Anniversary that was set for Saturday, March 29.  The weather reports leading up to the day were less than ideal with rain expected overnight and through the morning.  At the ’48-hours-to-go’ mark, the call was made.  Move the anniversary to the rain date.  Reset all of the moving parts and gather on Saturday, April 5.


On the morning of March 29, we all learned that the forecasts hit the mark.  It rained.  It poured.  The 200 automobiles that still arrived made it feel more like a traditional warm-season Saturday morning (minus the rain).  There were rain-rattled jackets.  The tops on our covered beverages served as rain gauges.  Nonetheless, the potential was evident.  We conspicuously conspired about the potential for next week.  The days passed and then it happened.  Our largest gathering in the history of the community occurred on April 5.  The week delay allowed MotorWeek to travel back to Maryland from filming on the west coast.  That special morning was detailed here:  MotorWeek Feature.  


Let’s fast forward to our 3rd Anniversary that is set for Saturday, April 4.  Our community has grown over the years and when growing communities celebrate, there is growing interest.  Therefore, the reserved parking area has doubled in size to accommodate 17 car clubs that have been with us over the long haul, our esteemed sponsors as well as those unique vehicle appearances that we all learn about over the morning.  Reserved parking will cover more than half of the Joe’s Crab Shack parking area.  There will also be general show vehicle parking adjacent to this area that will accommodate show vehicles that arrive early.  When this area reaches full capacity – similar to last year - the northern portion of the property will begin to accept more general show vehicle parking.  [See page 9 for the parking map.]


To meet the anticipation surrounding the beginning of the automotive enthusiast season, the stage has been set to accommodate 5-6 times the amount of automobiles that we would see on a peak-season standard Saturday morning.  You’ll reunite with our regulars and our ‘once-in-a-whilers’ and you’ll make new connections.  The same goes for the automobiles.  It’ll take a few extra moments to settle into parking so your patience is appreciated. 


Members of Precinct 7 of the Baltimore County Police will be monitoring the perimeter of Hunt Valley Towne Centre to help ensure safety during your entry and exit of the property.  A full team from Assured Protection Security Service will oversee all of the parking areas.  Our community’s volunteers will be delivering event handouts to each vehicle entering the show parking areas and they will also be expediting your parking process.  There will even be 2 dozen new signs to help direct you around Hunt Valley Towne Centre.  [Please take it easy on my design skills.]


Now that much of the behind-the-scenes tasks are checked off the board, all that may be left is keeping you schedule clear for April 4…and maybe pulling the car off trickle charge…and detailing the paint…and squaring away the final mechanical task.  May Mother Nature be on our side on April 4!  See you soon!