To Be 18 Again...Just Not This 18

Automobile thermometers should be tied to the calendar.  When its below 30 degrees Fahrenheit in November – as it was last Saturday morning - show the number then provide text – “Welcome to winter.  Its maintenance time.” 

We all take extra time to focus on the needs of our most loved automobiles.  Now its time to shift attention to the vehicle for all-seasons.  At this latitude, there’s a convergence of 2 factors that can set the stage for headaches – inclement weather and holiday travel.  “…but its not going to happen to me.”  Don’t be that person.

Pack the safety kit.  Gather a scraper, sand or kitty litter for grip, jumper cables, flares or safety triangles and maybe even a compact snow shovel.  Drop an extra phone charger in there.  For long trips, strongly consider blankets, water and snacks.  Road emergencies can’t be planned.  Stay a step ahead.

Maintain, maintain!  Check the hoses and replace as needed. Check the fluid levels and fill as needed.  [I’m topping off the fluids this morning.]  Gas up and resist temptation to stretch a low tank to the next exit.  Make sure your tires are proper and ready for winter.  Check tread depth and pressure.  You may have last set the pressure in the summer.  A 50-degree difference between the summer and winter can lower your pressure by 5 PSI.  Inspect for items lodged in the tires.  These are among the many ‘out of sight, out of mind’ items that can be checked in a few minutes and can save hours of inconvenience and potential harm.

We’re all so busy but bring these tasks to the front.  Everyone that will be present at the end of your next road trip wants you to arrive safe and sound.  Do it for peace of mind.  Do it for your family.

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Richard Williams