The Loss of a Cultural Icon

Two weeks ago, the automotive enthusiast community lost a man that is considered an icon of the age. From all accounts, Paul Walker was a genuinely special person that gave back to society and made the people around him better. Paul led a wonderful life. He served as a movie and cultural idol for many in our community. The news from November 30 brought light to the fragility of a wonderful life. It brought light to the power of our automobiles and how quickly what may be perceived as good times can lead to tragedy. Our condolences go to Paul's family and friends.

Paul Walker is now viewed as the James Dean of his generation. Automotive enthusiasts. Movie icons. Cultural icons. The '05 Porsche Carrera GT and the '55 Porsche 550 Spyder driven during their fatal accidents will have an eternal link. 

Every mile behind the wheel, you have hundreds of choices. Some give you minutes. Some give you seconds. Some give you a fraction of a second to decide. Over each of these decisions, consider your family. Consider your friends. Consider those that are sharing the road. Your decisions carry the power to change lives.

Pictured is a Porsche Carrera GT as it arrives for our Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund gathering on Saturday, August 10, 2013. [Photo courtesy of]

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Richard Williams