Its Thanksgiving week so ‘tis the season for a big thank you list. 

The Hunt Valley Horsepower community and the sponsors of Hunt Valley Horsepower

Greenberg Gibbons Commercial, Hunt Valley Towne Centre, Silver Star Security, Precinct 7 of the Baltimore County Police and the Maryland State Police

The families and friends that foster and occasionally endure our enthusiastic behavior 

Our early automotive heroes

The automotive innovators

Our automotive dreams and aspirations

The people that taught us how to drive and the people that had enough patience to tolerate the early mistakes

The early mistakes that made us better drivers

Our best mechanics and those that served as our best teachers so we can ‘wrench’ with confidence

Power steering, fuel injection, disc brakes

Manual steering, carburetors, drum brakes

Snow tires, heated seats, defroster and GPS

Tire chains, warm jacket, ice scraper and a good map

The list could go for miles.  Thank you to the people, the machines, the tools, the road in the rearview mirror and the road ahead.  Have a safe, happy and healthy holiday season!


Richard Williams