A Community For All Seasons

Baltimore County has gone Green Bay.  Check out tomorrow morning’s forecast.  Temperatures will be near the single digits with wind chills below zero.  As a community that primarily gathers outdoors, it takes some extra resolve – and most likely the vehicle for all seasons on reserve – to emerge from bed for a morning cruise over the frozen tundra.  Your family members may think you’re crazy to do such things but, well, yes, we’re all a bit crazy about our automobiles. 


Sure, bitter temperatures don’t set an ideal stage for our community to gather, but the heart of winter does provide valuable perspective on the Hunt Valley Horsepower community.  Summer’s sports car and winter’s SUV are equally welcome.  Sure, participation decreases in line with thermometer’s mercury but it may give you the opportunity to converse with someone that you would have never met.  Maybe you’re able to review a unique vehicle in more detail.  Maybe someone that typically brings out the sports car introduces their all-season vehicle to the community.  Maybe you have fond ownership memories attached to that same make and model and you begin swapping stories with the owner.  [Personally, I’m waiting to see a ’97 Toyota 4Runner SR5 to bring back some good memories.] 


Under the warm summer sun, we may be surrounded by hundreds of automobiles and enthusiasts that have traveled from across the region.  Well, Ole Man Winter is constantly presenting a challenging stew of atmospheric variables.  As a result, the winter may see a rotation of a dozen local enthusiasts gathering around a few tables inside one of the open vendor locations.  Life is about its moments and great memories can come from both July and January.  Enriching conversations emerge.  Deeper connections are made.  That’s why forging ahead through all seasons makes so much sense.  Pop in for a coffee, catch up and carry on with your day.


January is also a time to allow your all-season car, truck or SUV to wear the products of winter.  The remnants of this week’s snow appear as badges of all-season honor on the sides of my all-wheel drive car.  Wear it with pride on Saturday morning.  [However, out of respect and a proper fear of salt, you’re encouraged to wash it during the week.]  Tomorrow morning, due to the weather conditions, let’s gather inside Peet’s for some conversation and coffee.  I hope to see the winter warriors that have chosen to brave the elements.  Stay warm and see you down the road!