The Gauge Is On Full

Mid-summer brings our regional automotive enthusiast community into the peak of the event season.  Some areas of the country don’t share our abbreviated peak season of mid-March to November since they don’t live with the icy interruptions from Mother Nature.  In Hunt Valley, while we continue to gather throughout the year, we must condense the larger gatherings out of respect for what snow, ice and the accompanying road salt can do to our cherished undercarriages.  It is all about love…and get your mind out of the gutter. 


Quite simply, strike when the iron is hot. defines ‘august’ as ‘respected and impressive’.  Respect August’s warmth for it is truly impressive.  It allows our community to gather in most impressive quality and quantity.  Our region is full of enthusiast activity with weekend morning gatherings in Hunt Valley, Maple Lawn, Great Falls, Annapolis, Bethesda and Burtonsville.  Our automobiles are meant to be driven.  Hit the road.  Experience what our well-represented region has to offer.  For more information on these communities and more, check right here --


As for the many communities inside our community, we have active regional chapters that are affiliated with national clubs such as the BMW Car Club of America’s National Capital Chapter, the Porsche Club of America’s Chesapeake Region and the Ferrari Club of America’s Mid-Atlantic Region.  There are marque clubs that participate regularly such as the York County and Bel Air Corvette Clubs, Camaro 5, MAGTRON (GT-R), National G Club (Infiniti), Pantera, Model A, SRT Jeep, S2000, Mopar and Ford Raptor. 


When our community started back on March 31, 2012, diversity was the vision and diversity remains the reality.  Respect for all enthusiast communities and the surrounding community was the vision and the respected members of Hunt Valley Horsepower forge ahead with respect every week.  Please review the community guidelines right here --  These guidelines are so important they can also be found as a full page in every newsletter.


There’s one question for you.  When are we going to see back in Hunt Valley for a Saturday morning?  No matter the marque or generation, if your respect gauge is at ‘full’, we’ll always have room for you and your cherished automobile.  See you down the road!

Richard Williams