What's Behind The Name?

Once in a while, I’ll be asked about the origin of name ‘Hunt Valley Horsepower’.  I’ll also hear, “I thought you were called Hunt Valley Cars & Coffee”.  There was a time for both names. 


The common factor is Hunt Valley.  Uniquely, Hunt Valley isn’t exactly an official town.  Its more of an area.  Wikipedia lists Hunt Valley as an unincorporated community.  There’s no Hunt Valley government building.  There’s no Hunt Valley Post Office.  Some say that the name was chosen as a marketing tool to avoid the less-marketable name of Cockeysville.  Whatever the reason, Hunt Valley sounds just fine and I’m glad they’re sticking with it. 


Now, its onto the other ‘half’ of the name.  When our community started back in March of 2012, I named it Hunt Valley Cars & Coffee.  ‘Cars & Coffee’ is the moniker attached to automotive enthusiast communities that gather on weekend mornings across the world.  It sounded like a winner and it would give interested people an idea of what to expect. 


Through the first year, it was clear that our community was gaining energy.  With more energy, more responsibility follows.  The legal minds in our community recognized that with greater activity, there is greater liability.  It was time to seek legal protection by creating an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation).   


When I searched ‘Cars and Coffee’ in the government databases, I discovered that it was registered in the United States as a trademark.  It was time for a new direction.  Hunt Valley is surrounded by horse country.  What do horses and automobiles have in common?  Horsepower.  Less than a year into the term of Hunt Valley Cars & Coffee, the community name was changed to Hunt Valley Horsepower.   


We’re now into our 3rd year and what a road we have traveled together.  Thank you for taking the ride.  Now lets celebrate our cars, trucks, SUVs and just about anything with 3 or more wheels…from the Morgan 3 to a massive military vehicle.  Pair them with a coffee, tea or whatever may be your morning beverage of choice.  We all hope to see you soon.  

Richard Williams