Time For A Stretch

We’re in entering the heart of the car show season and our community stretches like taffy across the event landscape.  We’re in Carlisle at the marque event.  We’re at Summit Point for the club’s track day.  We’re in Ocean City for the cruise.  We’re all part of individual communities…from yourself and a neighbor with a common automotive passion…to the old crew that gets together at the garage to pick each other’s brain over the next mechanical mountain to climb…to the monthly cruise to Shrewsbury…to the yearly vacation with the long-time car buds and the families.  This is our common passion and we’re blessed with an abundance of activities to quench our diverse automotive thirsts. 


Once in a while, I enter a conversation with someone that feels ‘a bit off’.  There’s an admission of slight guilt or disappointment.  It occurs the Saturday morning after they miss our gathering in Hunt Valley to attend an event such as any mentioned earlier.  It’s a situation akin to being double-booked with parties and being forced to miss one.  Get out there.  Embrace the variety of activities.  Automotive enthusiasts are meant to be road warriors.  Chances are that you’ll see other members of the Hunt Valley Horsepower family.  That’s the magic.  All of our automotive communities are intertwined.  You’re part of the enthusiast network that all comes together – when schedules permit – in Hunt Valley on Saturday mornings. 


Enthusiasts of all generations – aged in the teens and all the way into the nineties – roll into Hunt Valley Towne Centre behind the wheel of cars, trucks and SUVs of all marques and all generations.  Our lives can be so hectic during the week.  Saturday mornings in Hunt Valley give us a chance to wind down, enter a comfort zone and recharge.  When you’re charged up for a visit, your extended family looks forward to seeing you down the road!

Richard Williams