Newsletter #100

Newsletter #100.  The newsletter’s first edition was released on April 2, 2012 to a group of a few dozen folks that placed their e-mails in the blue dropbox during our community’s first gathering on Saturday, March 31, 2012.  The one-page newsletter detailed that promising morning - where 200 automobiles gathered – as well as the on-site construction that would lead to the cancellation of our next gathering.  Great potential was evident but the almighty momentum was immediately placed in a holding pattern.  From an organizer’s perspective, there were a few slightly torturous days as our second Saturday’s status hung in the balance but the learning experience was valuable.  No venture worth its weight comes without hurdles and without the passion, energies and patience to surmount them. 

Over 2 years and 99 newsletters later, the weekly script looks much different but Hunt Valley Horsepower forges ahead under the same core automotive passions and the same core standards.  We’ll always be a diverse community for every respectful automotive enthusiast.  Oh how far we’ve come! 

 In the spirit of looking forward…and looking back…if you’re not overtaken by this weekend’s horse racing action at the Preakness Stakes, stake your claim on the couch and tune into MPT this Saturday!  Our 2nd Anniversary was surely a morning to remember and it was an honor to have MotorWeek on hand to save those memories.  Check page 2 for details.

Between our community and Preakness, its clear that Maryland knows horsepower.  Hunt Valley Horsepower has emerged from the starting block with a spirited gait and we’re gathering strength.  Thank you for coming along for the ride.  See you down the road!

Richard Williams