Our 2nd Anniversary Has Been Moved to April 5!

The Magic 8 Ball hit the market in 1950 and it has been spinning half-truths ever since.  The weather forecasts for this Saturday and the anticipated 2nd Anniversary started with reports of a 30% chance of rain when Monday arrived.  I consulted the Magic 8 Ball on Tuesday night. 

Photo courtesy of Rich Williams and his 'antique' Magic 8 Ball

Photo courtesy of Rich Williams and his 'antique' Magic 8 Ball

The ‘chance of rain’ results?   NOAA:  60%   Weather.com:  70%   Accuweather.com:  60%   Wunderground.com:  90%.  Wednesday brought a more definitive message…

Due to the forecasted high potential for morning rain for Saturday, March 29, the plan is to move forward with a standard gathering.  There has been universal consensus among those making scheduled appearances [traveling longer distances, traveling with a collection of vehicles, appearances that work best without rain, etc.] that it would be best to appear the following week.

 In the event of the weather improving versus the present forecast for this Saturday, the capacity to host hundreds of automobiles remains.  Our parking area will be marked and parking directors will be on hand.  In the event of inclement weather, surely, participation will be diminished but if your schedule is free, you are - as always - welcome to be part of the gathering.

 The unique facets of a Special Gathering will be brought together for Saturday, April 5.  Please plan accordingly and spread the word to your car club and enthusiast friends that are considering attending on either or both Saturday mornings.  If your schedule works in your favor, we'll see you down the road!


Here’s the quick but important review...

 Saturday, March 29 - Standard Gathering of Hunt Valley Horsepower [the gatherings go on rain or shine]

Saturday, April 5 - Special Gathering of Hunt Valley Horsepower [scheduled special appearances will now move - within their capacity - to this date]


Richard Williams