The Battle of Seasons and Snow Piles

The beginning of spring is here.  Its the equinox.  No, its not the Chevy Equinox but March 20 was our crossover vehicle.  The atmosphere springs into longer days and most importantly, warmer Saturday mornings. 

 The snow pile in the northeast corner of our weekly gathering area may look like Mount Everest now but there’s a steady river running through it that spells its demise.  Oh, that joyous burning ball in the sky will deliver much more positivity as the weeks pass.  Our sun brightens the chances to see those automobiles that may still be sitting in hibernation. 

 Ironically, Monday’s 6 (or so) inches of snow in the Hunt Valley area actually helped our cause to clear more parking spaces for the upcoming 2nd Anniversary on March 29.  How so?  Well, we’re talking about tons of snow.  Without a consistent stretch of high temperatures above 60, we’d face a snail-like pace to uncover additional parking.  The trick here is that the new snow brought back the heavy equipment.  We gained access to the final long row of parking on the east end of our gathering area.  Its parking that wouldn’t have been available by the end of the month.  Sure, as can be seen in the photo, the mountain remains but the march continues. 

 Ol’ Man Winter is certainly a curmudgeon.  Next week, he battles spring and the result is a roller coaster of weather.  A chill is forecasted to return for Sunday but we should be ‘spring-like’ by Thursday.  Folks, we’re almost there.  While the ice under our snow mountain may harden one last time, it only hardens our resolve to enjoy our eventual spring.

Richard Williams