Our 2nd...2nd Anniversary!

After last Saturday's rains that delayed our 2nd Anniversary, Mother Nature has set what seems to be an agreeable atmosphere for this Saturday morning’s Special Gathering.  If you have been reading recent newsletters, you probably already know that MotorWeek will be appearing with Zach Maskell and a videographer to capture images of our community and interviews from our members.  As a viewer of MotorWeek since my childhood days, this is an evolution that has run its course over 30+ years.  

You’ll see a new sponsor on the title bar of horsepowering.com as well as the newsletter.  Please welcome CARCHEX as our new co-Keystone Sponsor!  While their ad display is under development, our community will see the CARCHEX gaming trailer in the northwest section of our gathering area this Saturday.  If you play video games – and in particular, racing games – you’ll have the ability to play many of the popular titles on any of the most popular gaming platforms such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4.  If you’re a young gamer or a ‘young-at-heart’ gamer (like me), this will be a very cool new activity for gamers of all ages. 

Dave Serio’s “You Auto Know” will be broadcasting from Joe’s Crab Shack from 8-10 AM.  Dave brings the latest automotive news and the proper advice to turn the right automotive screws.  Dave has been a fantastic promoter for the gatherings of Hunt Valley Horsepower and it will be a great pleasure to see Dave in action on Saturday.  Tune into his show on Baltimore's AM 680 WCBM each Saturday from 8 to 10 AM and ABC Satellite each Saturday from 10 AM to noon.

 In just a few hours, our community will gather in celebration of all marques and generations of automobiles and in celebration of all generations of automobile enthusiasts.  Let’s make some great memories.  If your schedule works in your favor, your extended family hopes to see you at Hunt Valley Horsepower!

Richard Williams