A Tire Check and a Praying Mantis

On Wednesday afternoon, I was headed for visits to Diamond Exchange and Hunt Valley EuroCar, both esteemed sponsors of Hunt Valley Horsepower.  During the walk to the car, there’s a point where my inner TPMS sensor engages.  [For those that have not ventured beyond the 80’s when it comes to vehicle ownership or tire management, TPMS stands for “Tire Pressure Monitoring System”.] 


 Some view my 360-degree tire check as a bit over the top but I’ll typically take a spin around the car before entry to check for a low tire.  Blame the walk on the low-aspect ratio tires.  Call it a preservation moment.  This is one of the few sacrifices for attaining that look.  [Insert a shake of the head and a wry smile by the significant other standing nearby.]


As I arrived back at the driver’s side, I recognized a praying mantis climbing the door.  In a few seconds, it was holding an aware position on the hood.  Inside of its mind, it was most likely a posture of self-preservation.  To me, the praying mantis was posing.  Cue the smartphone camera. 


Soon my neighbors were gathering.  Everyone was fascinated.  The praying mantis is menacing and delicate all in the same package.  It looks like it’s from another world. 


While holding court with my neighbors, their young children released a blend of “Aw” and “Whoah”.  My mind immediately set on this Saturday’s Adopt-A-Road clean-up.  Our environment is full of these special moments.  They’re worth protecting…for today and tomorrow.  You’re welcome to volunteer with our team this Saturday.  For more information, check page 2 of this week's newsletter.  Give an hour or two and receive some special moments in return.   



Richard Williams