The Vote Is In

Tuesday was an important day for the nation’s state and local governments.  Some voted red, some voted blue and some ballots were blended to resemble purple and other available combinations.  Coming to a comprehensive judgment on a voting ballot takes a policy review of taxes, government spending, the environment, education, etc.  It’s fair to say that I have entered past voting booths without a comfortable level of candidate and policy knowledge.  This year, I directed justice to the process and it’s a mild understatement to describe it as a daunting task.

When I was in the middle of completing the county mailer that detailed all of the voting possibilities, I thought about how I’d much, much rather be checking option boxes at the dealership.  Certainly, that’s due to the fact that I know much more about automotive technology and financing than Maryland’s alternative energy options and corporate income tax.  

It’s the power of being ‘in the know’.  Getting ‘in the know’ about politics takes homework and for me at least, it’s the homework that feels like I’m back in college drudging through a ballet elective.  I sure as heck wasn’t a ballerina but I made the grade.  The same goes for the voting booth.  Red, blue or in between, I hope you took time to exercise your civic duty.  

Voting has its place.  You can trust that you’re entering a vote-free zone when you participate in gatherings of Hunt Valley Horsepower.  There are no trophies and no ribbons but there are ample handshakes, high-fives and thumbs up.  It’s all about respect for all things automotive and respect for all automotive enthusiasts.  Ford parks with Chevy.  Audi parks with BMW.  Ferrari parks with Lamborghini.  Believe it or not, Stevens-Duryea even parks with Pierce-Arrow. (wink)   

While I’d vote against the upcoming season’s cold weather, we’ll continue to gather – with respect – throughout the year.  Sure, we’ll gather in smaller numbers and maybe with different vehicles during the fall and winter, but the enthusiasm – and the respect - never wanes.
 In memory of Tom Magliozzi, 1937-2014.