A New Volume Brings A New Journey

Newsletter:  Volume 3, Edition 1.  One volume goes to the shelf and a fresh volume takes flight.  That’s an exciting feeling.  Where do we go from here?  The possibilities are endless.  Its akin to taking the wheel of your cherished auto and hitting the road for a Saturday cruise.  Each turn, even on the road well-traveled, is a new expression and a new connection.  Writing a weekly newsletter follows much of the same path.  Edition #75 may cover a similar topic as Edition #5 but the second run is a chance to bring new meaning to the old ‘A to B’.  It’s a new journey. 

Imagine the road taken by The New York Times.  Their printing presses have been rolling out editions since 1851.  Today’s edition is VOL. CLXIII, No. 56,370.  Yes, that’s 163 years and 56,370 editions. 

On this day – January 3 – in 1899, The New York Times mentioned the word ‘automobile’ for the first time in their illustrious history.  Sure, the word had been set in print elsewhere (such as Scientific American) within recent months but the ‘NYT’ brought the word to the grand masses.  It helped set the word into daily conversations. Our automotive newsletter is a few editions behind but we’ll run through the year like the big boys.  Consider it a guarantee that we’ll be a shining example for the word ‘automobile’.

May your New Year bring health and happiness at the turn of each page.  Make it your best volume yet.  Set your sights high and take flight.  See you down the road at Hunt Valley Horsepower!

 [Photo courtesy of Ryan Cardone]

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Richard Williams