The Ink Dries. Get Moving!

We’re a few days into a new calendar year.  The pomp and circumstance built around New Year’s Day demands worldwide coverage, thousands of people cramming into New York City’s Times Square and of course, like everything on television, apparently, it demands Ryan Seacrest. 

In business leadership, ‘new’ can be about attacking the beginning of the fiscal year.  Maybe its about inking the next contract.  Right now, in the case of Hunt Valley Horsepower, its the latter.  On January 7, I agreed to terms with Greenberg Gibbons Commercial, the management company for Hunt Valley Towne Centre.  Without this critical contractual agreement, our community’s ‘house’ would have to be placed on a new foundation.   Its with great pride that we call Hunt Valley Towne Centre the weekly home of our community and we all can look forward to a spectacular new year. 

With a freshly-inked contract, Hunt Valley Horsepower’s 2nd Anniversary Special Gathering is ready to move forward!  Mark Saturday, March 29 on your calendar and share the event with your family, enthusiast friends and car clubs.  Within the first 48 hours of reporting the event on Facebook, I have received reports from owners that desire to present some fantastic automobiles.  Closer to the event date, these prospects will be confirmed and shared with the community.  In the meantime, get the mechanicals and the alignment straight and the detailing elbows bent.  Here’s a helicopter view of our 1st Anniversary on Saturday, March 30, 2013 courtesy of the Lucas Family and  Yes, there are big things in store!  

One Year Anniversary.jpg
Richard Williams