July 2 Gets Love Too

The extended Fourth of July weekend is straight ahead.  Ask a child about Independence Day and they may most associate the day with fireworks and maybe the sci-fi film that’s currently near the top of the box office.  Let’s say that it was the start of the course that brought us the American Way.  

Our next Saturday morning gathering falls on July 2 and you’re welcome to celebrate America’s independence just a bit early with us.  For a dose of history, John Adams wanted the second of July to be the big day of celebration since it was the day when the Continental Congress voted in favor of independence from the British Empire.  Two days later, on the fourth, the Declaration of Independence was adopted and the rest is literally history.  

The Fourth of July became big enough to be capitalized.  That’s when you know that you’ve arrived.  John Adams supposedly pledged to protest the Fourth of July – continuing to hold favor with his second of July celebration – but he eventually stepped off his high-horse.  

Maybe we pay a bit of homage to the wish of John Adams this Saturday.  Over 2 centuries later, the history of July 2 is generally forgotten.  Sure, we’ll save the barbecue, the band and the bonfire for later but our sunrise parade to Hunt Valley speaks right to our independence and our freedom – on July 2.  Let’s celebrate some internal combustion fireworks alongside our international congress of automobiles and enthusiasts.  That’s the American Way.   

Enjoy every moment of your Fourth of July weekend.  This is a holiday that my up the ante for the party atmosphere but it also brings a high amount of automotive accidents and deaths along with it.  About 40% of the automotive accident deaths on the day are alcohol-related.  Even if you’re not drinking, remain fully aware of others on the road.

If you have read a newsletter or two in the past, ‘see you down the road’ is a common closer.  Celebrate safe and travel safe this weekend. 

Have a great time with family and friends.  Maybe we’ll make a toast – with our coffee and tea held high - to John Adams this Saturday morning.  See you down the road.