Big Weather, Big Numbers, Big Thanks

We’re now in the heart of the automotive gathering season and the finally, the weather has been showing the colors of summer.  We have seen 3 purely sunny Saturdays with blue skies since the peak season started in April.  We’ll take them when we can get them.  Last Saturday combined sun with the mercury settling into the 70s by 10 AM.  That’s a winner.  It’s also those ‘0% chance of rain’ mornings that turn maybe into definitely.  Even the vehicles that see the least sun are encouraged to hit the road.  How about a Cheetah?  How about a ’22 fire truck?  (You’ll see those 2 in Closing Shots in the 6-25-16 newsletter.) 

Over the past 4 Saturdays, we have seen nearly 1600 vehicles of all kinds.  The best 4-week run in 2015 was in late July to early August where we saw sun each day and registered nearly 1450 vehicles.  Jon DeWar of Greenberg Gibbons Commercial – the management team of Hunt Valley Towne Centre - uses the figure of 2 people per vehicle to determine attendance on the property.  Imagine over 3000 enthusiasts over 4 weeks.  That’s wild to consider, especially when looking back to where we started back in 2012.  Full family participation is also on the rise.  The stroller count is – unofficially – at an all-time high.  Bringing along the significant other … and maybe even the kids … and maybe even the grandparents or grandkids … makes the 30 minutes or 2 hours that are spent at Hunt Valley Horsepower that much more special.  

Thank you for being part of the growth and prosperity of Hunt Valley Horsepower – if last Saturday was possibly your first or maybe your 200th visit.  While I’m at it, thank you for reading this newsletter and checking out the photos when you have the time … even if you’re just coming here for the weather report.  Hunt Valley Horsepower has been a personal labor of love mission and the newsletter falls right in line.

Why should communities such as Hunt Valley Horsepower exist?  They’re all about the common thread of automotive enthusiasm that has a way of bonding families – and generations of what may have been strangers – together.  Sharing the stories … sharing the passion … looking forward to the Saturday morning cruise to Hunt Valley to be with family as well as new and old friends … passing our automotive enthusiasm onto the next generation … respect for one another … respect for each other’s automobiles … respect for where we gather … respect for our surrounding community.  That’s part of our mission.  

I see many of you ladies and gentlemen more than I see my own family.  Dare I say, Hunt Valley Horsepower is a home away from home and you’re my family away from family.  For you, I hope it’s just a bit of the same for we’re all part of this extended family in a place we may call home - for 30 minutes or 2 hours - on Saturday mornings when the schedule is clear.  

Thank you for taking the cruise along with us.  See you down the road!