Spring Training, Family Reunions, People Power

Spring training is underway in baseball.  It’s a whole new season.  Pitchers are warming up their arms and fine tuning their fastballs and curves.  Hitters are refining their eye for that pesky slider and doing their practice runs so they don’t pull a hamstring on their way to first.  They’re all hitting the weights.  As automotive enthusiasts, we too are in spring training.  Our gyms, batting cages and diamonds are the garage where we repair, tune and shine behind the scenes.  Snow is on deck for tonight but we’ll have many opportunities on the field of dreams in our near future.    

Speaking of the new, every new season for Hunt Valley Horsepower turns into a progressive family reunion.  We get back to regularly seeing our extended families.  We’re a growing family so there will be a ton of handshakes, hugs and fist bumps to go around.  If you’re new to the family, welcome!  There are fun and enriching times ahead.  Strongly consider getting involved the gatherings, the road trip events and the community outreach.  For those that have been with us since 2012 – and every date in between - the same applies to you.

On the road this week, I visited Algar Ferrari of Philadelphia, McLaren Philadelphia, the Winery at Elk Manor and Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists of Baltimore.  Learning more about the inner workings of each company and meeting the team behind the scenes helps me understand why they’re successful.  It goes beyond the power of products.  It’s the people power. 

While we arrive with varied amounts of horsepower on Saturday mornings, it’s the special power of the people that keeps us coming back.  Thank you for being part of our community.  See you down the road!