The Countdown Begins!

T-minus 2 months!  Over the past 2 years, our community has gathered at the Winery at Elk Manor in North East, Maryland for an event called Horsepower at Elk Manor.  Now, we return on Sunday, April 24 for the Chesapeake Concours.  This will be the inaugural event with a second coming on August 27-28.  Our Saturday mornings have formed what we know and love about our community.  It’s now a Sunday morning and afternoon where we get to know and love even more.  

The Chesapeake Concours is a new avenue for our automotive enthusiasm.  You may hear ‘concours’ and think judging.  At the foundation a concours is a gathering and in its present form, the Chesapeake Concours is not a judged event.  There may be personal favorites while we appreciate automotive form but there will be no grading system…but be sure your automobile looks fantastic.

In the past, Hunt Valley Horsepower has gathered to honor and elevate the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Adopt-A-Road Program and Toys For Tots.  On April 24, all admission proceeds will be donated to the Chesapeake Renaissance Project which focuses on eco-preservation, eco-trade and eco-tourism in the Chesapeake Bay region.  The Chesapeake Renaissance Project joins the team as a respected charity.  

Depart with us in the caravan from Hunt Valley Towne Centre.  Depart from your club’s long-time hangout.  Travel directly from your home.  Take the interstate.  Take the backroads.  It’s our time to get behind the wheel and take to the road for a memorable experience that you’ll want to share. 

We all hope to see you at the Chesapeake Concours on Sunday, April 24 at the Winery at Elk Manor.  For more information on registration, check page 2 of the newsletter.  Spread the word! 

The photos – all from our last visit to the Winery at Elk Manor – are courtesy of   

The photos – all from our last visit to the Winery at Elk Manor – are courtesy of