We Give Back

This Saturday morning, right after our gathering, a ragtag group of volunteers – that could be doing just about anything from 10 AM to 12PM – have chosen to devote their time to benefit our regional environment.


2016 marks our community’s 3rd year of volunteerism and the road has been very rewarding.  Some drivers that share the road while we collect refuse may look at us like orange vest-wearing juvenile delinquents…if we didn’t have our fair share of grey hair.  Some actually stop to thank us because they may live on Thornton Mill Road, our 3.6-mile long adopted piece of pavement.  Thankfully, there are much more waves and smiles from passers-by than furrowed brows of concern.  People ‘get it’.  We’re their neighbors.  We shop at the same Wegman’s.  We share these roads.  We’re the action plan and the execution. 


Back in 2014, when I called the Baltimore County office that oversees the Adopt-A-Road Program, they said that I would have to wait for a road…unless I chose from a list of 5.  These roads had to be the roads that were left behind.  These may be the long roads.  These may be the toughest clean-up challenges.  What do you know?  There was Thornton Mill Road.  It’s long.  It has a few sharp turns.  It has a few hills.  You know what?  When you leave Hunt Valley Towne Centre via York Road and head north, Thornton Mill Road is the first left turn.  Challenging?  Sure.  Close?  Yes!  We’re proud to call that castoff road our own. 


It’s our task to keep Thornton Mill Road looking sharp and to positively impact the region’s tributaries as well as the Chesapeake Bay.  If you’re free this Saturday morning, meet with the team at the display tables at 10 AM.  We have a ton of fun with making lasting memories and delivering a solid environmental impact.  For more information and even a video of our clean-up efforts, please review horsepowering.com/adopt-a-road-program.


Speaking of the Chesapeake Bay, we’re one month away from Chesapeake Concours.  All admission proceeds benefit the Chesapeake Renaissance Project.  To learn more, check pages 2 and 3 in this newsletter and also horsepowering.com/special-gatherings.  We love our automobiles.  We love our roads.  See you down the road!