Don't Overlook The Coffee

We’re all so busy that occasionally we’ll overlook things.  I would never look back to last week’s opener that featured photos and data tied to December 10-14 instead of January 10-14.  Well, it still fit the intent but the info wasn’t as timely.  Yes, we all can overlook things. 

Our community was founded back in 2012 under the general heritage of Cars & Coffee.  Did it take 188 editions to honor the half after the ampersand?  It’s coffee time!  Maybe it was overlooked since – for many of us – we consume it like air.  It’s nearly ever-present at our breakfast tables, in our cupholders (if one is present), at our work stations and on our vacations.  For a majority of us, coffee is glued to one of our hands on Saturday mornings.  

Prior to the community’s start, I had not drank a single coffee for over 25 years.  Back in my middle school days, my great grandmother would serve me a mysterious, hot and all-black concoction in a cup.  To me, she did no wrong.  In fact, she was nearly a wizard.  When I nearly left the top-third of my right ring finger behind while cutting bread in her kitchen at the age of maybe 6, she wrapped it cloth and quickly began whipping something up on the stove.  After some chemical cooling, she removed the wrap, placed the tepid ointment on the wound and rewrapped.  To this day, minus a minor scar, the finger looks and works great.  How could I not drink the mysterious but tasty brew every time I walked over to her half of the duplex?  As a very active little guy, I most likely didn’t need the caffeine boost.  However, in partially channeling the ‘Godfather’, she was making a brew I could not refuse.  Coffee presses our ‘start’ button.  Coffee bonds.  Coffee heals.  Coffee brings back the memories.   

Coffee disappeared over my high school and college years as well as a 16-year career in healthcare.  The planning for what was originally called Hunt Valley Cars & Coffee brought it back.  It came back and it came back strong.  Back to black!  Fashionably and tastefully, coffee brings back the old times and brings us together for the new times.  Toast to the roast, no matter the flavor you love most.  Prost! :)