Hibernation and Making History

Many of us received the first snow of 2016 on Tuesday.  This meteorological landmark may signal the beginning of hibernation and the full-time deployment of our winter-ready vehicles.  As you may have already experienced, our community gets excited to see and learn more about the calendar cars of summer such as the ZR1, GT350R, GT3 RS, 650S and 488 GTB.  In the slush and snow that may appear from January through March, the focus may be less about that shiny calendar car and more about the salty wheels that get you to Hunt Valley in the winter.  

While the winter gatherings are not the standard representation of our community, the experiences, even if we’re surrounded by ‘winter beaters’ allows for us to meet new people and maintain contact with the recent and long-time members of the community, otherwise known as our extended family.  Once in a while, we’ll be pleasantly surprised to see a new automotive member being added to our community like the Fire Orange 2016 BMW M3 and the Avalanche Grey 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 from recent weeks [as seen in this week’s wet Closing Shots].  Beyond the sharp looks, the talk about the ground-breaking tech can fill 2 hours.  No matter how we gather, we’re strengthening bonds and making memories.  Dare I say, we’re making history.

History you say?  Just about every automobile enthusiast is a history buff.  In many different forms, we all drive history.  That’s why I regularly scour the internet to learn more about where we’ve been.  How about just one randomly-chosen week?

History is all around us on Saturday mornings.  Thanks to hagerty.com for the historical data.  Thanks to you for the real-world examples.  

[All photos are courtesy of Rich “Will” Williams.]