Backgrounds, Passions and Paying It Forward

Since our automotive enthusiast community started 3 ½ years ago, we have gathered alongside over 25,000 automobiles.  This Saturday will be our 181st gathering.  We did take a week off for our 2nd gathering back in April of 2012 due to parking lot maintenance.  There were also a few early holidays where a day off was considered but some of us gathered anyway.  There is no numerical significance behind the 181st gathering, but heck, that’s a good amount of gathering.  For the uber-inquisitive folks, the edition number listed in the top right of every newsletter will never match the amount of gatherings.  Over the winter of 2012/2013, there was a monthly newsletter which means we’re about 10 short of matching numbers.  There goes our resale value. ;-)

Our automobiles are powered by gasoline, diesel and electricity.  Some of us are getting single digits in the miles per gallon category while some are getting nearly 100 miles per gallon even when the car isn’t coasting.  [Last week, my car registered 20.3 mpg.  If my miles were less ‘enthusiastic’, that number would surely rise.]   

Our automotive passions have been and are fueled by all marques and generations of automobiles.  Some were owned by our parents.  Some we have owned in our past, some we own today and some we aspire to own…or maybe even rent or lease…tomorrow.  

Our backgrounds are all so varied.  We were born in different countries, states, cities, towns and neighborhoods.  We also travel from varied distances every Saturday morning. 

Over time, it’s obvious that regardless of our automobiles, our automotive passions and our backgrounds, we have a common love for automobiles.  Over time, it has been increasingly obvious that we’ll gather properly to honor that common love.  Over time, we’ll also gather properly – and maybe even burn some calories – for honorable causes.  This Saturday, right after our gathering, a group of volunteers will depart for the 3.6-mile stretch of Thornton Mill Road.  We’ll look stylish in our orange reflective vests.  Each of us will be carrying a ‘picker’, a garbage bag or two and some bag ties.  What’s the mission?  We’ll collect refuse from the roadside and bring the Thornton Mill Road back to its natural beauty.  You’re welcome to join the team!  For sure, it’s a rewarding and fun group activity.  

Of course, be sure to set Saturday, October 17 on your calendar as well.  It’s Toys For Tots Time!  I’m getting my shopping list ready.  Let’s go big for the disadvantaged children throughout Baltimore County.  We’re not just about horsepower.  We’re about people power.  We can make the surrounding community a better place for everyone.  Giving back is one of the greatest gifts.  Thank you for paying it forward!