2016 Brings Migration

Happy New Year!  Saturday, January 2, 2016 opens the door to the 5th calendar year for Hunt Valley Horsepower.  For our first 4 years, this is typically the time when we hear the rumbling of salt trucks and the resultant beeping of garage door remotes that signal the start of automotive hibernation.


While there is snow falling in parts of the western U.S., we had 70° weather as recently as our weekend in the mid-Atlantic states.  Last Saturday morning, we enjoyed temperatures above 50°.  This Saturday morning, we’ll see the mercury dropping to around freezing.  While that’s not weather conducive to putting all-things automotive on display, our wheels keep turning.  Based on our history, we’ll be in ‘off-peak’ season until about mid-March so if this is your first winter with us, our participation is far from what you’ll see from April through November.  However, the winter allows us to maintain our social connections and check out some new-to-us automobiles, if they’re winter purchases or even your long-time vehicular solution for the winter weather. 


Speaking of winter, it is nearly too famous for its migrations.  I grew up under the impression that all Canada geese migrate south for the winter but after some research, I learned that many Canada geese actually stay in Maryland for the winter.  After more research, I learned that every season has its migrations.  When it comes to Maryland icons, May brings Maryland the Baltimore Oriole while May to early October sends our pregnant blue crabs to the southern, more salty areas of the Chesapeake Bay to give birth.


What’s with all of this migration talk?  Looking forward to our summer – barring any changes - our automobiles will start gathering in a new area within Hunt Valley Towne Centre.  Call it the northern migration of Hunt Valley Horsepower.  As the construction of the apartments at Hunt Valley Towne Centre has progressed, I have been receiving more questions about the future of our gathering location. 


The greatest precedent has been set in the eviction of the one of the original communities of our kind – in Irvine Cars & Coffee – from their gathering location.  What set the demise of Irvine Cars & Coffee in motion?  Irvine Company was developing a real estate property very close to Irvine C&C’s gathering location.  Irvine C&C was an immensely-popular gathering of automobiles.  Automobiles make noise.  Envisioning issues with selling space at the new property due to the early-morning exhaust concert, the gathering was instructed to leave the location permanently.  Sadly, Irvine Cars & Coffee, to date, has not found a new location to gather.  Other similar communities have absorbed some of the enthusiasm and some new gatherings rose from the ashes of Irvine’s demise.  Locals say that nothing has fully replaced the original. 


Much like racing at the track, our community must think a few turns ahead to survive and thrive.  In the near term, it’ll take a migration that covers a short stroll.  Actions are taking place in the pits to ensure that our wheels continue to roll.  In the meantime, it’s our standard mode.  Happy New Year and see you down the road!