The Return of Jack's '47

You may recall a black ’47 Ford Convertible that would occasionally roll into our gatherings at Hunt Valley Towne Centre.  The driver was Jack O’Hara.  The man would brighten conversations with his sage advice and quick wit.  His car would bring bright smiles from the morning’s participants.  

The photo is a ‘screencap’ from MotorWeek’s “Weekend Morning Paradise” feature.

The photo is a ‘screencap’ from MotorWeek’s “Weekend Morning Paradise” feature.

In August of this year, Jack passed away.  The fall season in Hunt Valley has featured quality moments among Jack’s friends – both longtime friends and those friends that he more recently met as part of our community.  Stories were shared.  Common times were embraced.  Smiles arose.
In November, I had heard of a possible return of Jack’s ’47.  Well, last Saturday, it happened.  My eyes caught the car on the access road as it passed the light rail.  It entered our gathering area and as it rolled closer, I saw Bud Sammis smiling from behind the wheel.  What a beautiful moment.  To be honest, it briefly took my breath away.  All of the memories of Jack followed the car.  All of the memories came rushing back.  Bud and I nodded in approval and we wore big smiles.  Jack remains with us in our hearts and minds…and through that glorious ’47 Ford Convertible.
On the first page of this week’s ‘Closing Shots’, you can see that beautiful ’47 Ford Convertible and it’s caretaker for Saturday morning, Bud Sammis.  Bud, thank you for bringing together this special moment.

In 2014, Zach Maskell from MotorWeek covered our community for their feature on the Cars & Coffee phenomenon.  At the end of the episode, Zach says, “So if you’re itching for a shot of adrenaline to jumpstart your weekend, sniff out a Cars & Coffee event in your town and pass the word onto a friend.”  At the end of the comment, you’ll see Jack driving his ’47 Ford Convertible and waving to his friends.

As enthusiasts, we have special bonds with our automobiles.  They’re an extension of self.  Even after we’re gone, we’ll live on through the automobile stories generated by family at the dinner table and in the old garage.  We’ll live on through the stories brought forth by our extended family at the enthusiast gatherings.  Jack, our friend, you’ll live on in our hearts and in our minds…through the stories…through your ol’ ‘47.  

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