A Look Ahead...We'll Be There.

Autumn nears as the average highs in the Baltimore region drop below 80 degrees this week.  We’re far from the time when we start the hibernation period for certain automobiles but September is a peak month for one important question:  “How long into the year does Hunt Valley Horsepower gather?”  The answer:  There is no break.  Even if there’s ice or snow on the side of the road – but not on it – we’ll gather.  Maybe it’ll be a crew of sport utility vehicles and all-wheel-drive cars but we’ll move forward if the road conditions are safe…even in the depths of winter. 


As for the here and now, it’s a time to take advantage of the mild morning temperatures.  Look forward to this Saturday.  After the gathering, you have an opportunity to volunteer with our Adopt-A-Road group.  If the skies are dry, we’ll bring Thornton Mill Road back to its natural, beautiful condition.  [For more information:  horsepowering.com/adoptaroadprogram]


Sights are also set on our final 2 Special Gatherings of 2014.  On Sunday, September 21, our community will hit the road for the Winery at Elk Manor.  You are welcome to join the caravan leaving from Hunt Valley Towne Centre that departs at 8:45 AM.  Of course, you always have the option of departing from a locale of your choice.  Our automobiles are meant to be driven…especially when there’s a spectacular destination. 


On Saturday, October 18, we’ll gather to benefit Toys For Tots.  Last year’s edition saw over 300 donated toys arrive from points near and far.  That morning brought lasting smiles to hundreds of disadvantaged children in our region.  That morning continues bring our enthusiast community great joy.  That morning was potential realized.  Lets make October 18 another shining example of potential realized.  [For more information on both Special Gatherings:  horsepowering.com/specialgatherings]


Be sure to update your calendars and share the word with your car club, enthusiast friends and family.  The calendar may turn, but when its open, head straight to Hunt Valley.  Its an honor to have you as part of the Hunt Valley Horsepower family.  

Richard Williams