Sun, Sea, Tires in the Sand

We have endured a long and challenging winter season in the Mid-Atlantic region.  The lion has already staked its claim on the first week of March.  The region’s roads have been brutalized by the hard freeze.  Its all wearing out our suspensions, our lower backs and our resolve.  Each of us have heard – or maybe have thought – “Lets pack it up and head to Florida.”

 A warm breeze, sun and sand surely sound lovely, especially with a new layer of snow on the ground in Maryland.  How about a warm breeze and sun...along with ruts and pits in the sand?  That’s old-school stock car racing.  This Saturday marks the anniversary of the first stock car race in Daytona Beach, Florida. 

 Take it back to 1936 when regulations for racing were, lets say, anything but regular or regulated by today’s standards.  It was the old ‘race what you brought’ scene.  They were set for 78 laps of the 3.2-mile sand course but only 72 were completed.  What started as an all-out attack developed into a battle to survive.  The heavy machines met the warm sand and the racing line developed deep grooves.  Contact created more than just the expected sheet metal damage.  As the sand track deteriorated, it took the racing field down with it. 

 The winner, Milt Marion, took home the $1700 prize.  Its no surprise that he was escaping the northeast via St. Albans, New York and was racing in Florida in early March.  Allow me to take a moment to say ‘hello’ to everyone in our community that’s spending the winter months in the Sunshine State.  Yes, you are missed but trust me, your timing is extraordinary.  Many of us would have rather missed Winter Storm Titan on Monday.  See you all later this month.

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Richard Williams