We're One Month Away!

Our 2nd Anniversary is right around the corner and its going to be very special.  The flyer below gives you an idea of scale of the 1st Anniversary…about 15 minutes after closing time.  With Mother Nature’s cooperation, such incredible participation is what we’ll expect on Saturday, March 29.  This will be a morning to celebrate the road we’ve traveled as a community. Its also a morning where you’re encouraged to be on the road early!  The gates will be open at 6:30 AM.  We’ll host car clubs from throughout the region and to ensure the best accommodations – especially for larger groups - its best to arrive by 7:00 AM.

MotorWeek is deploying Feature Reporter Zach Maskell and a cameraperson to capture video of our people and our vehicles.  Later this year, the footage will aired for a national audience as part of feature on enthusiast communities across the United States. 

It’ll be a morning to remember.  Its time to remove the Battery Tender.  Its time to check the final boxes on the winter operation list.  Its time to schedule your pre-season detail.  A very special morning nears.  Spread the word!

Hunt Valley Horsepower 2nd Anniv Flyer FINAL 3-29-14.jpg
Richard Williams