Thank You!

Thanksgiving is here!  Yesterday, you probably experienced the snow and it was a beautiful scene…unless you were stuck in traffic.  Speaking of driving – if you’re driving to pick up a turkey from the supermarket or you’re picking up some ‘turkey’ from the airport or your car is full of leftover turkey as you head back home – please drive safe.  If you expect to be in traffic, remember to take a breather and remind yourself why you’re on the road in the first place.  Your family, your friends and those sharing the road with you will be thankful for your moments of calm.


Today, we gather with friends and family to give thanks for all that is good.  At Hunt Valley Horsepower’s ‘dinner table’, I want to give thanks to you.  The standard of respectful enthusiasm of all marques and generations of automobiles has remained at a level that should make us all proud.  Thank you for sharing your automotive enthusiasm with the community when it fits your schedule.  Thank you to the volunteers that donate their time and energy to make our community outreach efforts and Special Gatherings operate smoothly.  Thank you to the club managers that lead the charge for cruises to Hunt Valley.  Thank you to our families that may make a sacrifice or two - or more - so we can partake in our passion with our extended family. 


Thank you to each of the sponsors of Hunt Valley Horsepower.  Each sponsor believes in our community.  Each sponsor is a business that I can wholeheartedly recommend.  Each sponsor powers Hunt Valley Horsepower.  I, along with our community, thank you.  As a community member, please review each of the sponsor listings that start on page 3 of this week's newsletter and give their websites and storefronts a visit.  Thank you for supporting the businesses that support our community.


Thank you to the employees of Greenberg Gibbons Commercial that have a part in overseeing the actions that bring Hunt Valley Horsepower to Hunt Valley Towne Centre.  You provide our community with an excellent location to gather and grow.  Thank you to Assured Protection - the site’s security team - for adding safety and enforcing the rules with respect.  Thank you to Multicorp for handling grounds maintenance.  Thank you to the site vendors that provide our community with excellent food and beverage options. 


It’s clear to see that everyone involved deserves a thank you and there are surely more to go around.  If I missed anyone, I’ll surely catch up with you down the road.  Now, enjoy your Thanksgiving.  May you have a special day.  Once again, be safe in your travels.  See you down the road!


-- Rich “Will” Williams