Toys and More Toys!

Last Saturday morning, the best of the Hunt Valley Horsepower community was on display.  Hundreds of enthusiasts gathered to benefit Toys For Tots.  Cargo areas were tested by all types of new toys from stuffed animals to Matchboxes to Lincoln Logs to Legos to scooters to Barbie dolls to board games.  There was even something called Kinetic Sand.  Even from an adult’s perspective, that sounds and looks cool.  The ‘donation mountain’ was a mix of the classics to the most-trendy toys.  Its fair to say that all bases were covered!


Enthusiasts traveled from all parts of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Virginia, Delaware and New Jersey.  From Alfa Romeo to Audi, from Maserati to McLaren, from Pierce-Arrow to Porsche, from Tesla to TVR, the automobiles took to the road.  It’s a roll of the dice to have clear skies and hospitable temperatures in mid-October but Mother Nature hit the bullseye.  The weather set the table for something special.


Please take a moment to consider the impact of new toys arriving in the hands of hundreds of disadvantaged children this holiday season.  You made grand impact!  What if you missed an opportunity to donate?  Check here:


While Special Gatherings are all complete for this year, our standard gatherings will continue throughout the fall and winter.  Before you know it, the 3rd Anniversary will be around the corner.  You can bet that there are opportunities for volunteerism and charity involvement around the corner as well!  Thank you for being part of the Hunt Valley Horsepower community.  You make Hunt Valley Horsepower’s road even more special.

Here's a photo from above Donation Mountain!  Thank you to all that donated!

Here's a photo from above Donation Mountain!  Thank you to all that donated!

Richard Williams