Bringing America Up To Speed

Back on September 21, 1893, the one-cylinder Ladies Phaeton rolled down the streets of Springfield, Massachusetts.  It was the brainchild of Frank and Charles Duryea and it was the first gas-powered automobile in the United States.  Carl Benz introduced the gas-powered automobile to the world but the Duryea brothers -- and their ‘LP’ -- helped spin a new American revolution.

120 years later, there’s news about self-driving electric cars.  20 years from now, maybe our neighbors will be the Jetsons. 

Our cartoons may eventually become a segment of reality.  Imagine the ‘cartoonish’ dreams the bicycle-riding Duryea brothers brought to the table.  2 wheels to 4.  Human power to gas power to the power of antimatter?  As the decades pass, humanity puts the pedal down and horsepower gets a new meaning.  Here’s to hoping that the passion follows the power…whatever they’ll call it.

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Richard Williams