Last Saturday, there were dozens of cars and even a few high-performance trucks in our caravan to Bob Davidson Ford Lincoln for the Vaughn Gittin Jr. and RTR Drift Team Smoke Show.  Many in our community had arrived early to participate in the Mustang Club of Maryland car show and more arrived during the event.  Quite simply, members of our community were everywhere.

From the days on the track, many of us know about chasing the limit on the ¼ mile at Maryland International Raceway as well as the Spiral at Virginia International Raceway.   When the best perspective on a fast turn is through either the driver or passenger window, its an entirely different experience.  Its speed…but its sideways.

World champion drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. put his talents on display for approximately 2000 fans and he provided a handful of lucky enthusiasts with a rare performance perspective -- the passenger seat of his Mustang RTR drift car.  Sideways left…tires smoking...straight to the fence…sideways right…360° spin around the light standard…smoke surrounds the car.  Rubber flies in every direction.  The car rotates and transitions with exquisite balance.  Controlled chaos.  When your mind – within seconds – reaches the threshold of throwing self-preservation out the window in favor of a high-adrenaline experience, you know that you chose the path of your Saturday wisely.

Thank you to Vaughn Gittin Jr., the RTR Drift Team, Bob Davidson Ford Lincoln and the Mustang Club of Maryland for collaborating on such a spectacular event for all ages.  Frequently, I’ll refer to the ever-present movement to pass our enthusiasm for the automobile to future generations.  On Saturday, there’s no doubt that the fire was lit through the masterful disintegration of tires.

Photo credit:  Betty J. Horne Fowler


Vaughn Gittin Jr. Ride 9-28-13 Betty J Horne Fowler.jpg
Richard Williams