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ClearWater Initiative Fundraiser

ClearWater Initiative is providing clean water to people in need.  ClearWater Initiative specializes in reaching small, rural communities that no other party is reaching in Nwoya, Alebtong, Otuke, and Gulu districts of Northern Uganda. 

Date:  Tuesday, December 2

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A message from Sukanya Sen, Associate at ClearWater Initiative,

 I work for a non-profit organization called ClearWater Initiative. The goal of the organization is to provide clean water, community education and micro-finance initiatives to rural communities in Northern Uganda, a region emerging from a decade of civil war. In the first few weeks at ClearWater Initiative, one of the first things that stunned me was the communities’ ability to lead enriching lives with limited resources, including life-saving clean water. Evidence gathered by our field teams show how women fetch untreated, contaminated water from streams miles away. Although the water led to diseases like diarrhea and cholera, this is the only source of water that these villages had - till ClearWater Initiative built a well in their village. Having clean water means that means children won't fall sick as often, more girls can complete school and women won't have to spend their entire day fetching water. 

 In this season of giving, I am on a personal mission to build a well in one of the villages where ClearWater Initiative works, and honor each of these families. Making a difference is easy!  Please consider contributing to my campaign to raise $10,000 and help me build a well. Every $30 of your support can provide a child with clean water in 2015!