Hunt Valley Horsepower – based in northern Baltimore County – was founded as a community of automotive enthusiasts with diverse automotive tastes.  All marques and generations of automobiles form the community.  Now, the community’s automobiles have developed into a casting group that spans from antique to classic to exotic.  Consider Ford to Fiat to Ferrari and everything in between.  Cars, trucks, SUVs and even military vehicles and helicopters are available.  The community’s reach spans from northern Virginia to Philadelphia and from Harrisburg to Annapolis.  Top-quality automotive detailing services are available upon request.


Credits:  MotorWeek, Silent R Productions, ("Predator" - 2018), Baltimore Style Magazine

Contact:  Rich Williams

Highlight Reel

This was a quick vehicle fit for a spring edition cover of Baltimore Style Magazine. Of course, my quick iPhone X photo won’t make the cover but it sets the scene. [4/4/19]


Hunt Valley Horsepower teamed with Armor For Rent and AP Media to capture a military vehicle action shoot in Baltimore, Maryland for special Hollywood clients.  


Hunt Valley Horsepower at MotorWeek

The Lamborghini Gallardo that appears in the background for MotorWeek's Huracan feature story was casted by Hunt Valley Horsepower.

Here is some video from behind the scenes...


Commercial Shoot with Silent R Productions

Hunt Valley Horsepower acted as casting agent for the exotic car's appearance.  The Ferrari F430 can be seen racing the athlete through Baltimore's Financial District as part of an athletic apparel commercial.

Photos for the Silent R section are courtesy of  The media for the MotorWeek section is courtesy of Rich "Will" Williams.