Why We Do It

If you divide the year into fourths, the three-pack of June, July and August means summer!  June 20 may be the actual first day of summer but the evidence is strong for the ‘cut it into quarters’ summer theory.  Last Saturday morning, we saw some sun!  Real, honest, exposed sun.  The thermometer rose through the 70s for our two-hour gathering time and we nearly saw 90 by the day’s end.  That’s definitely summer.  

Memorial Day Weekend usually involves travel for some but the community that remained local arrived in Hunt Valley in grand numbers and with the always-inspiring enthusiasm.  You’re encouraged to review 2 pages of photos that are located at the end of the newsletter for just a sample of the memorable morning.  

Why do nearly 500 automobiles – as well as their drivers and passengers – travel from far and wide to gather for a few minutes or a few hours in a paved parking lot?  Last Saturday, I had a really nice conversation with a gentleman from Delaware and he let me know why.  Relaxed environment…really nice people…wide variety of vehicles…no silly stuff…enjoyable drive (once he’s off the interstates).  Maybe that’ll be the new tagline for the newsletter’s top banner. :-)  The man hit the mark.  Those factors have been the goal since our community started in 2012.  

To add a bit, we also gather to pay forward our automotive enthusiasm to the younger generations.  The kids in strollers may not remember their Saturday mornings in Hunt Valley, but for those wearing away the tread on their sneakers, maybe they’ll be the next enthusiasts wearing away the tread on their autocross and kart tires when they’re a bit older.  Many of us went through our childhood years without the internet and maybe even cable TV.  We didn’t have all of the technological distractions that are present for today’s youth.  Maybe 2-hour doses of focused car time will make a difference.  Take it on as a challenge.  

To close with 2 notes, congratulations to Alexander Rossi – from the United States – on winning the 100th running of the Indy 500 during Memorial Day Weekend.  He and his team weren’t the fastest, but when it came to fuel strategy, they took the gamble and crossed the checkered flag as the smartest.  Congrats to Andretti Herta Autosport and the team’s top sponsor, NAPA Auto Parts, for the victory.  

Speaking of NAPA Auto Parts, I want to cast the spotlight on the team at 10950 Gilroy Road in Cockeysville and their leader Brett Dolinger.  It was Brett’s trust in the long view of our community back in early 2013 – when we were about 12 months old - that helped solidify our community’s quality and growth at Hunt Valley Towne Centre.  This week, NAPA Auto Parts has extended its position as Keystone Sponsor for the 4th year!  Since our community is now 4 times larger with 4 times the amount of cool people and cool automobiles, 4 times the coolness could be scientifically proven.  Thank you to Brett and the team at NAPA Auto Parts for your trust and commitment.  See you down the road!