Nottawa vs. Ottawa and The Road Ahead

The weather for early April has been a time-release of jokes courtesy of the ole comedian, Mother Nature.  As I type, it’s raining heavily.  We may be better served to be taking advice from the folks in Waterproof (Texas).  This Saturday may just feature some snow with lows in the mid 20s.  That’s a Canadian April.  No fooling.  No, this isn’t Ottawa, Ontario.  It’s surely not Nottawa, Ontario.  [It sounds like the Nottawans were a bit contentious with the Ottawans at some time in history.]  We may be contentious with Mother Nature but it’s only healthy to laugh at the weather right now.  Don’t worry, we’ll be in Happyland (Oklahoma) soon enough for there must be a pot of weather gold at the end of the Rainbow (Texas). 


For the last word on weather, the Rosso Service Grand Opening and First Annual Open House (and our accompanying caravan from Hunt Valley) will be moved from this Saturday to Saturday, April 16 due to the forecasted rain/snow mix.  Based on odds, it’ll be sunny on the 16th. 


On the subject of automotive events, April is the time where the options are ample for all automotive enthusiasts.  In the near term, our community’s primary focus is Chesapeake Concours.  Set for Sunday, April 24, our community members and an expanded audience of enthusiasts will gather at the Winery at Elk Manor among show-ready automobiles and the beautiful waterfront and relaxing vineyard views. 


While our gatherings on the paved surfaces of Hunt Valley Towne Centre involve more of an all-encompassing scope of automobiles, the concours show area environment - with its rolling lawns and scenic vistas - is more focused and refined.  Nonetheless, there will be gatherings of American Muscle & Hot Rods, American Antiques & Classics, British Marques, Italian Marques, German & Scandinavian Marques, Asian Marques and a unique blend within the SUV, Truck and Military Vehicle area.  There will be tangible diversity and high quality.  The stage is set for a very special experience to benefit the Chesapeake Renaissance Project.  For more information on the project:


If your schedule is free on Sunday, April 24 and your automobile is ready for the show field or the adjacent spectator area, we’ll see you there!  There are few ways to learn more but I’ll give you one location that will cover the bases.  Refer to for information on a few focal automotive events.  See you in Hunt Valley and down the road at regional events coming soon!