To The Future!

In our corner of the world, automotive enthusiasts participate in an outdoor show season that lasts about 8 months.  While Hunt Valley Horsepower gathers throughout the year, the core of our gathering calendar has those 8 months from April to November. 


Ice, sleet and snow – and the resultant road treatments – wreak havoc on the roads and our vehicles between December and March so these 4 months are generally considered the hibernation months for outdoor gatherings near our latitude.  We bring it down a few gears during this time, but we continue to gather…even if it’s indoors.


With the condensed season, there’s definitely a build-up – and dare I say, an urgency – to get involved early and often.  As expected, we’re certainly taking to the warm weather very well.  The spring and summer of 2015 have brought unprecedented participation for gatherings of Hunt Valley Horsepower.  Back in 2012, there were absolutely no expectations for our gatherings to grow beyond the 50 automobiles that we’d see on an average, sunny Saturday morning.  Today, our standard gatherings have grown – with proper weather - to 250 to 300 automobiles with an occasional spike if the date aligns with inactivity on community calendars.  For example, when activity is light in Carlisle, Hershey and Ocean City and our clubs are lacking a special event, participation can even go beyond 300 automobiles.  Our gathering on July 25 would be the perfect example.  Even for 2015, expecting 500 automobiles on Saturday that did not feature a charity would be unthinkable.  Well it happened!  When the regional calendar is light and the weather is right, maybe we can expect that sort of ‘unexpected’.


Now that we’re one week into August, we’re at the midpoint of our primary gathering season.  It’s a great time to look ahead.  May I request that you open your day planner? J 


Of course, we’ll be gathering in Hunt Valley every Saturday morning.  Over the years, more opportunities to organize and promote events throughout our region have developed.  Place the following four-pack of events on your radar.  If you’re a fan of Porsche and cigars, join Len Stoler and Davidus Cigars in Little Italy this Friday.  We return to the Winery at Elk Manor on Sunday, August 23.  Live music, wine, catered food, a wide array of our community’s automobiles and the beautiful surroundings of the winery highlight the event.  On Saturday, September 12, we gather in Hunt Valley then the muscle cars and hot rods head to the Timonium Fairgrounds for live music, barbecue, beer, antique motorcycles and our own car corral at Big Soll’s BBQ Jam.  We close out the big events for the season in traditional fashion.  On Saturday, October 17 at Hunt Valley Towne Centre, participate and donate during our Special Gathering for Toys for Tots.


For more event information check out pages 8 to 10 of this week's newsletter.  For more information on Horsepower at Elk Manor and the Toys For Tots event, check out  No matter the location, we hope to see you down the road!