Horsepower at Elk Manor

Photos from our previous visits to the Winery at Elk Manor are courtesy of   .

Photos from our previous visits to the Winery at Elk Manor are courtesy of

As an automotive community, it’s in our nature to take to the road to display and share our enthusiasm.  With your sights set on Hunt Valley, you may travel from York County, PA, Loudon County, VA, New Castle County, DE or from just a few miles away.  There have been clubs arriving from as far away as New York and North Carolina.  There’s always the Subaru BRZ owner that – as part his new car’s break-in process – traveled from Southern California to visit us during his cross-country tour.  There have been members of the Southern Arizona Mustang Club, a Porsche enthusiast from Rio and a BMW enthusiast from the Netherlands that were visiting Maryland and chose to add visits to Hunt Valley Horsepower to their itineraries. 


Our enthusiasm crosses state lines, country borders and oceans.  It’s a common thread and our woven minds are strung to travel.  With our passion to take to the road in focus, it’s time to officially announce that registration is officially open for Horsepower at Elk Manor! 


Last year, we gathered at the beautiful Winery at Elk Manor in North East, Maryland and we’re set to return on Sunday, August 23.


In order to project food and beverage offerings and to set the expanded parking layout, registration is required.  Registration takes just a few moments.  As with all gatherings of Hunt Valley Horsepower, admission is free.  Invite your car club and enthusiast friends to register and participate.  For clubs, simply list your club name during registration.  At the gathering, you will be corralled with your club mates.


We look forward to seeing you on August 23 at Horsepower at Elk Manor!  


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